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The Peace That you are

This life has not been short of eventful on the world scope lately: from the fires to the liars to the political creeps and the A.I. geeks - i feel like we are all ready and hopefully available for some upgrading; let alone explanation.

As a sincere novice astrology believer i can say that the best is yet to come, and please do your own research if you like ( Pam Gregory is free on Youtube is about the best prozak one could invest in).

As far as my life is concerned i have been following astrology through all the crisis' of that past 5 years and have not been let down. The awareness is uncompromising and incomparable to any news source or religious doctrines.

And what the astrologers are saying is that we have a couple more years of seeming mayhem and the most potent transformational gateways are before us.

Of course, we have already stepped through so many thresholds in our life times; what else is life if not a gradation of graduations? One door leading to the next; choosing your own adventure and undoubtedly co-creating the moment to moment dimensional standpoint that which is you and your relationship with the multiverse.

And of course there is no way to prepare for the future, the ultimate unknown, but what is beautifully insightful is understanding the trends of reality, patterns of which we can reflect on and feel a connectivity with the emotions within and the world at large.

Archetypes and cycles, downloads and transmissions.

Of course put the astrology aside and still everything is vibrating on a frequency that we have an opportunity to relate to.

Or choose to deselect from...

Did i want what is surrounding me? am i in the right situation? is this mentality serving my highest good? these are questions that stem from the wont of betterment. A trust in the nature of things is akin to trusting God and knowing that the peace that we are searching for is within.

How did i get here? why is this happening to me? who am i? we are asked to switch from victim mentality to a comprehensive absorption of acceptance: acceptance only in the eye of sanity, for as you develop your senses you can use your innate discernment to choose which battles you engaged in, what is your calling, who are your people and where are you going.

Make sense of your place here on this planet.

I urge people to take emotional intelligence seriously, and also to be able to laugh at the simplicity of it all.

It's time to process your trauma and ask for help. We are a collective. And the more we share and process the grief of life, the pain of change, the comedy of the rollercoaster, the more we can come together and make waves of change for the betterment of humanity and the Earth that you stand on, that sustains you, that gives you the oxygen to breath and the inspiration to exist.

No one is alone.

We are connected to the web of life, and to respect that is to act on behalf of all your ancestors that created life to have you here.

With your life you have the opportunity to respect all the water used to hydrate and replenish the human bodies and the bodies of water and the fields of grains and grasses and forests of trees and jungles that have nourished the ecosystems of the environments that all came before you, to serve you, the environment of your family and communities that created you and for all generations after you.

Respect who you are. We need you.

We need you to live in abundance, and to create and change and open to your gifts and to lift the veil of fear.

We need you to be free.

Life wants to live. Within you, from you and for you.

The blood pumping through your veins is a testament that you are here on this planet for a reason, and you were chosen to take care of yourself, to be the best person you can be, to process the trials and tribulation to complete the cycle and be here for the rest of us.

These writings are a testament to those who choose love and compassion. We are stronger, healthier and more alive together.

May you walk the path of truth and open your eyes to the vital piece, the eternal peace, that you are.

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